Our Promise on Privacy

Six months into Prezitt’s development, an executive decision was made to remove Facebook sign-ins despite the obvious convenience that comes from enabling a user automatic sign-in with a tap of the blue button. Prezitt was founded on the idea that privacy is important and that it should be respected. Enabling third-party tracking conflicts with this principle, thus it was removed. 


All social platforms claim that user privacy is valued and “protected”, what does this mean for customers with a mobile phone in 2021? It means that while browsing for items online you see items that are more relevant and important to you. It means that while searching for a destination you can quickly pull up information on where you are, relative to your landing place. It also means that big corporations know a lot about you. Famously, Amazon may know more about your personal preferences than your closest friends, or even yourself. Big data has become so prominent that most social platforms are built for the sole purpose of gathering information on users, you are essentially “the product”. 


In April 2021, Apple kicked off a firestorm in the tech world with its announcement to require permission for in-app tracking. Hence, you will see pop-ups like “Allow “Pinterest” to track your activity”. Prezitt has breezed through all of the new Apple requirements, here are the pluses and minuses of it.


We don’t sell your personal data, so we do not make money from this. We do have unique data on what demographics send what gifts and when they send and collect. These analytics help us determine what brands and items will be more popular when selecting a gift. We also ask for password verification upon sign in because we link to payment systems, this is to protect you. Otherwise, if someone attempts to log in to your Prezitt account and purchase items, your payments will not be protected. 


We don’t have any IFDA (Identifiers for advertising) algorithms, so we literally do not know where you are at any given time. We geo-track the brand shops and we ask you to enter an address so that we have a pin to know “roughly” say what area in the city you are in. Prezitt pulls up all the brands in your city. We are soon adding on the spot “Geo-locator requests soon so that you can use “on and off tracking” to better find shops nearest you, because it’s easier to see what’s close by when we have so many brands to choose from. We also solve in-app tracking by having “Favourites” and “Recommendations”, when you opt to show these in “public” in your profile, it helps you keep track of what you love while also letting your friends know what you like, no tracking necessary.


We offer Payme, Apple Pay and Google Pay because we do not keep a record of your credit card, ever. This means we do not make any automatic charges or force you to call us to “cancel” any payments or subscriptions. If you love using Prezitt, you just pay with the security and convenience of these payment providers and receive an email confirmation from us that you have purchased a gift. 

As we further develop Prezitt, we hope this gives you some insights into why we ask for some information and why Prezitt may not feel like any other app that you currently use. We are always adapting to the changing tech, we just want to do so while being respectful of your privacy and information while giving you a positive experience gifting and sharing.