Learn how to gift with Luna and Grace

What can I send with just a few taps on my mobile?

100+ Brands, hundreds of gifts from a coffee, a spa treatment to even a glass of wine. 

No hidden fees, total confirmed before you pay.

Download Prezitt for free and start sharing by inviting your friends in-app. Surprise and send to loved ones who are not signed up to Prezitt yet by email and mobile, easy. 

Gift anyone, anywhere, anytime in seconds
(now available from 150+cities sending to HK)





Browse affordable premier gifts
by geo-location.

Gifts can be selected from"Favourites" or "Recommendations" list to craft a 
 personal gift, we are not just a  voucher

 Add a personal message, pay in seconds with easy and secure payment systems 
HSBC Payme, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

If the gift you receive is not your exact favourite flavour, color or style, or you just feel like something different today, swap it. 

Swap equal or lower dollar gifts for free. If a swap-to gift is a higher price, simply top up with no fees. 

Receive gifts instantly whether you are sending to yourself or to a loved one in a different city! 

Tap “Gifts Waiting” or “Registry” and a message will accompany your gift.

Check gift details on each card. In store, tap the black “icon” on your gift card to scan a QR code, collect your gift and enjoy! 

For deliverable gifts, simply contact the merchant by phone or message and arrange delivery with them at your convenience. They will send a QR code to you by email to scan.