What's the story?

Hey there,

Prezitt helps you shop and send gifts to anyone in Hong Kong and Singapore without worrying about how to pay or how to deliver it. We curate distinctive local brands and offer exclusive Prezitt gifts for every occasion and every important person in your life, including you.

We are a mobile shopping app developed by two entrepreneurs who want to shake up the industry a bit. Imagine sending a personalised present directly from your mobile phone to your friend’s mobile phone….in seconds.

Two years ago, I was addicted to social platforms, yet rarely commented or posted publicly because of increasing privacy concerns. In conversations with my co-founder about this frustration, we had many conversations about the direction of social connections and data. We also talked about how funny it is that my friends are constantly buying me “drinks” and I don’t drink alcohol. This snowballed into the “swap” idea and how you should always receive what you love with gifting, whether it’s coffee, wine or beauty products. I thought with my e-commerce background that I could build an app in a few months and launch. I was very wrong. It took many more nights working at my Ikea desk to get to where we are today. Along the way, I was lucky enough to meet and convince inspiring and talented people to join my team to build what I think, a social and gifting platform should be like in 2022.


Our ideas eventually turned into Prezitt,  a play on the word “present”. It is a marriage of our values, ethics and what we love. My team and I curate the brands we work with so that you can easily find the best coffee shops, fashion, beauty, gadgets, experiences and lifestyle items in Hong Kong and Singapore. 

We value privacy by not putting tracking algorithms into your mobile or Prezitt and do not sell any personalised data, even if it’s a really big company asking (and they have asked). We help you send gifts by geo-locating merchant locations to the city you are in, and we encourage direct merchant brand engagement by connecting you in-app with all of them directly. I hope you love using Prezitt because I love receiving a surprise gift from my friends, family and people I admire. Prezitt only works if you feel confident that we deliver on connecting you and your loved ones with brilliant brands every day, with your privacy and data always secure. 

Alycia Co-founder and CEO


NO HIDDEN FEES: All fees are included in each Prezitt that you send. We tell you upfront what sending each Prezitt will cost.

Send to yourself,  friends, family, colleagues and new friends. Prezitt is an easy way to stay in touch and show that you care.

Prezitt makes giving and receiving presents easy peasy. Say hello to the easiest way to gift and show that you care. 


Prezitt Team