Verified Leader Accounts

Are you a style, content, activist, entrepreneurial sports leader or influencer?

For accounts which reach a threshold of followers and social standing on Prezitt, you can apply for a “verified” account. Verified accounts enable you to truly engage with your fans by mass gifting in alignment with one of our  premier brands and receive gifts from them. 

Verified accounts can help you monetise by converting a portion of your gifts to cash with a small fee. 


Engage with your fans in a new way


True Brand Alignment

Independently or paired up with one of our premier brands you can engage with your fans through gifting. The thrill of receiving something from you personally will stay with fans for a lasting relationship. 

Fans who are truly loyal want to connect and support you. We offer a way for fans to engage with you without devaluing your brand or intruding on your privacy.

Reach out to fans to support your favourite charity or cause and we will help you convert your gifts to cash for donations
without any fees.



Celebrate your birthday and other events virtually with your fans.
Flex your leadership and influencer style by monetising your home profile page by curating your Favourites and Recommendations in your profile page and selectively work with brands further to engage your fan base with rewards.


Contact us for more details on
how to become a Verified Account.

Join us in new brand partnerships and
brand ownership.