Have Questions? We hear you!

 What is Prezitt

Prezitt is a shopping mobile platform to help you send curated and personalised gifts directly from your mobile to your friend’s mobile in real-time. We have over 100+ partner brands to help you send a coffee, a cupcake, or a luxury spa experience in real time. Prezitt is now available in over 150+ countries to  send presents to Hong Kong and launching more partner brands in new cities soon. 

Why use Prezitt

Great question! Can any other social platform help you put a coffee right into your friends and family’s hand in a different city in seconds? Are you tired of panicking when a birthday or holiday comes around and you need to search for a present in a different city and you have no idea if a store is open, if they deliver or will accept your payment virtually? Prezitt solves all of these questions because we geo-locate all of our brands to your friend’s city so that they can see and choose when to collect their gift from a physical store or arrange delivery. Once you send a gift on your mobile, your friend will receive your gift and collect it when convenient. Even if you select a gift that is not convenient for them to collect, they can simply “swap” the gift to somewhere close to them. We make gifting super easy and affordable even from far away.  So imagine sending flowers on Mother’s Day in seconds rather than days of hard work. 

How do I receive a gift?

To receive a gift, visit your “Receive page” or “Registry” and tap on your “New” gift card. Next, tap “Accept” or “Decline” and your gift will be recorded safely in your Receive page until you are ready to collect it. 

How do I buy and send a gift globally?

Sending a Prezitt is easy! Search for a friend at the top search bar beside the paper airplane and tap on your friend’s line. Next, browse our distinctive list of merchant partners by tapping on each product to view the product description, price and location(s) of their retail store. You can also view a gift in different real time currencies by tapping on the arrow bar beside the price if you are sending outside of your own country. Select a quantity to send, you may send 1 to 10 of each gift. Type a quick message to your friend and it will be sent along with your gift and stored in your private encrypted chats. Finally, just tap “Send Now” and select from HSBC PayMe, Credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay and your gift is sent in real-time. 

Where can I use Prezitt?

Prezitt is currently operating in Hong Kong, however a user from any country can send Prezitts to their friends in Hong Kong. Watch this space as we are expanding quickly and hope to be launching in other cities soon.

What can I send?

Prezitt is about sending, swapping and receiving small thoughtful presents! This means you can send anything from a coffee to a movie ticket to a spa treatment! We are quickly building our merchant partnerships so let us know what you love and we will work on including them as our partners. 

How do I collect a gift?

To collect a gift, open your “Receive cards”. If it is “New” choose to “Accept” or “Decline”. If you have accepted, choose your retail store location and once there, tell the store you are collecting a Prezitt. Check the name and quantity of your gift, tap on the black “Scan here” QR code and allow Prezitt to take pictures and record videos. Scan the Unique QR Code in each store, and you will see a Prezitt validation pop up. Please show the retail store your “Approval screen” and enjoy your gift. Once you collect a gift, the status turns to “Collected”, but a record of your gift will always remain in your “Registry” and profile page as a reminder of when someone thought of you. 

When can I receive and collect gifts on Prezitt?

You can receive Prezitts 24 hours a day. For collecting your gifts, each of our merchant partners have independent operating hours. To check what opening hours are, just head to the product page in your Prezitt. You can check their opening hours there and also contact the merchant directly by calling them or via Whatsapp. 

Where can I collect a Prezitt?

Prezitt is currently operating in Hong Kong with 100+ brand partner locations as part of our e-commerce gifting experience, a user from any country can send Prezitts to their friends in Hong Kong. Watch this space as we are expanding quickly and will be opening in new cities soon so that users can send to friends globally. 

How do I know when my gift on Prezitt expires?

Currently, all Prezitts have a 1 month time on them. If you turn on your notifications in your “Settings”, you will receive push notifications to remind you that you have a gift waiting for you, and it will give you the hours you have remaining to collect it. Mobile notifications are sent out at 75%, 25%, 10% and 5% of your given time. However, keep in mind they are just to help you remember that someone sent you a gift. You will also have all of your received gifts in “Receives” and  a complete history of your sends, swaps and receives in “My Registry”. This is to ensure that you never forget you have friends who thought of you enough to send you a gift, and you can easily see all of your gifts right on your mobile phone. 

What if my gift on Prezitt expires?

We have thought of this! Maybe you were away or just plain busy. Just tap on the request more time button in your receive card to get 24 hours more to collect. If you are still too darn busy, tap on the contact us button in your receive card to email us directly and Luna, our Social Relationships Manager will send you a new Prezitt gift! 

What if someone sends my child who is under the age limit in my city alcohol?

Prezitt firmly adheres to all laws regulating alcohol and like products. If someone under the age limit receives a gift they are not entitled to, they will not be able to collect the gift in the physical store as merchants are required by law to check the age of the customer in the case of any questions. In this case, they would be encouraged to swap the gift for a different gift.  

Does Prezitt sell or share any of my data?

We hold your privacy as our highest priority and will never sell or share your private data. Our in-app chat system is also encrypted end-to-end so we never even see it. For further privacy, Prezitt default settings are all on “hide”, so if you want to show your friends your “Favourites” or receive “Notifications”, please turn them on in your “Settings”. We have no tracking algorithms to follow your phone around and do not allow other apps to pull your data. This is why we decided from day one not to work with certain other social applications. Instead we track our partner brands and when you input your address, we show customers gifts based on your inputted location. You can also look up gifts in other cities (coming soon) by searching the geo-location in-app. We ask for data insofar as to provide you a convenient experience while using Prezitt by locating stores near you, or with data to verify your identify to protect against fraud and theft. 

Still have a question? Contact us at hello@prezitt.com or direct message us in Instagram and we usually reply to you the same day.