Saying goodbye is never easy. We hope that we can help you with these gift ideas for friends who are leaving Hong Kong in order to make their time here and your friendship more memorable.

For Art Lovers

Courtesy of Alvin c.k Lam

Art by Hong Kong artist Alvin c.k Lam

Whether you have lived in Hong Kong for only a couple months or for several years, you have probably fallen in love with the mix of the old and the new in Hong Kong. For your more artistic friends, you’ll probably need a more special gift than a map of the neighbourhood. The culture and heritage that makes Hong Kong unique is often in the most ordinary and familiar, like markets, street corners and alleys. Alvin c.k Lam captures everyday Hong Kong in watercolor, with an intimately sensitive eye. His paintings tell the stories of unsung heroes, characters like Au Yeung Cheong, famous signboard calligrapher, and Ho Sau-Mei, one of the last mahjong carving sifus.

You can buy a limited edition print of your favorite scene which will hang beautifully in any space and anchor a space back to our time in Hong Kong. Or if you are on a budget or can’t decide which one your friend will like the most, you can also buy a set of postcards featuring 5 Hong Kong craftspeople that includes all unsung heroes. They are beautiful when framed individually and hung together as a series. The best thing about this gift is that you can also send them to your friends even when they are settled into their new home. If you want to keep it a surprise, just send it to yourself on Prezitt and message us with the name and address of the recipient and your gift will be delivered. A delightful gesture for any occasion that will remind them of you and will for sure keep your shared memories alive!

For Tea Lovers

Courtesy of Yuan Yuan Tang

Traditional tea box sets from Yuan Yuan Tang

Green, red, white, oolong and pu’er tea, with fruity or floral notes. Yuan Yuan Tang is a traditional Chinese tea salon where you can find rare and fine teas meant to be brewed and enjoyed leisurely at home. Packed in elegant boxes, their smooth, fragrant and intense teas are an ideal gift for every tea lover. If you have time, book a tea artistry class with your friends before they leave. It is a refine experience to learn about proper tea brewing and the beautiful art of tea tasting.

For Travel Lovers

Courtesy of Xtaste Republic

Browse our many international brands like LQV or X’taste Republic to find authentic international gourmet food, snacks and drinks and from young Hong Kong brands, an excellent option for your bon vivant foodie friends. Buy one of the many hampers curated by different shops or pull together your own little bundle. We love the sugar free candies at Mr. Simms and for a calm flight, CBD chocolates by Lekker Stuff.

For Food Lovers

Courtesy of Ask for Alonzo

Choose a special restaurant where you and your friend have visited before and book a cozy farewell lunch, or a fancy dinner with some drinks after. Choose a brand new cafe or restaurant your friend hasn’t been to, it’s Hong Kong so a new one is opening every week. Surprise them because they are leaving and it’s time to try out the new places before they leave. Check out Ask for Alonzo in Happy Valley for authentic Italian food and good vibes.

For Beauty Lovers

Courtesy of Urban Chillez

Hong Kong inspired mah-jong nail art 

Spot this mah-jong nail art from Urban Chillez, isn’t it so cool? Treat your friend to a manicure and nail art session, buy them some “me-time” so they can take a pause from the stress of moving and have a whimsical HK inspired beauty experience.

Wellness massage

Courtesy of Ayana Spa


If you haven’t had a foot massage, have you really lived  Hong Kong? This is something a lot of people actually miss when they leave the city: affordable foot and body massages. Send a proper wellness experience for your friend at Ayana Spa and they will love you forever.

We have text email, text messages and video calls to stay connected even with real physical distance between us. However, remember that once your friend is using Prezitt too, you can easily celebrate your important milestones together in a genuine way. Sending someone a beer, a coffee or a spa takes seconds and let’s them know that you would make the same gesture in person if you could. Showing someone you are thinking of them will never be the same.