Prezitt x LoveXpress Launch

Celebrating Female Leaders
All for a good cause

Prezitt mobile app is a business that has been brewing quietly for over two years in tech development and partner strategies. It has meant two people, quietly working one job while funding the other and putting in the hours to grow the “idea” into a young business.

The vision of my co-founder and I to create a digital platform for connecting people globally via the beautiful art of gifting big and small items from a coffee to an experience instantly, is ambitious and has held so many challenges, expected and not. Many of which now make for amusing stories, and some which have been important life lessons in how to keep going when you really feel there is nothing more you can do or give. 

Along the way, I have met and made so many new friends, many of whom are themselves entrepreneurs. They are the ones who didn’t hesitate to give me their attention and time when I most needed it. Entrepreneurs like Grace who has never wavered in her belief in me, even when I do. Or Shirley, who likewise was warm and welcoming when I reached out to her, and is so inspiring to me because of what she has accomplished in building The Cakery, in one of the most competitive businesses in a city like Hong Kong. Likewise, you meet women like Kitty, who transitioned a thriving career to dedicating her life to LoveXpress, and helping others in a city where this help is so greatly needed. Alongside me has always been my friends, and my team who have had to work hours beyond what they are clocked in for, because they share the same vision for Prezitt. 

The Prezitt x LoveXpress Launch is a celebration of my team’s dedication and hard work. It is likewise so gratifying that we can support and help raise money for an important charity at the same time. I hope you will join me at our private launch party or simply try browsing Prezitt when you have a moment. 

Prezitt is just beginning to develop a pilot in the UK, however I’m really happy to take a moment to thoughtfully consider how far we have come, and how many exciting goals remain ahead.  In the end, we are successful if we make your life easier and happier, through gifting, one coffee at a time. 


Alex, the co-founder behind the scenes, and the mastermind behind our compliance, regulatory and taxation excellence (boring but important stuff). 

           Luna our official ambassador 

LoveXpress in action

We all need a little bit of “me time”, including our Dads. Check out our selection of experiences for the perfect Father’s day gift.

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Please consider donating directly to LoveXpress or you can easily donate in Prezitt.